Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

Week 77:  We are in the final countdown for Disney World!  The kids are trying to get through their last week of school and so is this mama!  All of us worked hard to get in the Thanksgiving mood and finish up all of our school projects and festivities!  Ed and I took turns going to school Thanksgiving parties this week!  Ed went to MV's school luncheon.  The kids were precious and were dressed up in their Indian costumes.

While they were having a yummy Thanksgiving lunch, I had my class feast.  A feast with a room full of 2 year olds is definitely something that everyone needs to experience (but once is enough)!

Friday, John Bay's class had their feast.  Now, a room full of 3 and 4 year olds is something too!  I will say that they were all very well behaved and so much fun to be around!  He has such a cute room and a wonderful teacher.  I couldn't ask for a better group for him!

After the party we headed to the playground to meet up with some friends.  The weather has been so pretty down here, we had to make the most of it!  We played outside until it was time to pick up Mary Virginia!
We did not have our horseback lessons on Friday, so we took things easy and had a relaxing night at home with dinner and a movie!  This was the week that we found out that they were closing the doors for Hostess...and there would be no more Twinkies!  Ed made a quick stop by the store to pick up a box - the kids had never tried them!

On Saturday, we hung out with some great friends!  They are so much more than friends - might as well call them family (and way down the line we may be related...they are Whatleys after all)!  It was time for a little LSU football!  Since Auburn hasn't had much of a season and we are in Louisiana, it was time to cheer for the purple and gold (but just this once)!  MV has found her a new buddy!  I guess John Bay won't let her boss him around anymore - she has moved on!

As the weekend is coming to a close, we are hurrying around the house to get packed!  We are ready to go to Disney!

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