Friday, January 25, 2013

Tree Farm

Week 79!  We are back from Disney and back to reality!  Just a quick note...we do not want to be back - we still want to be in Florida! 
MV had a field trip this week to the Christmas Tree Farm.  As you can tell, it is quite warm in Louisiana!  We had so much fun making ornaments, playing at the petting zoo and taking a train ride.
My favorite part was watching the kids pick out a tree.  They each had an opinion about the qualities that the tree must have or not have.  Once they narrowed it down to three, they had a vote (they had to run to their favorite tree)!
They picked their tree and cut it down and then it was time to haul it to the truck!
What a fun field trip to help us get in the Christmas spirit (especially since the weather wasn't providing the inspiration!)

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